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Monument to the Benefactors. Marino district. (Moscow/Russia/) The bridge over the Moscow River. District Marino (Moscow/Russia/) On the bridge over the Moscow River in District Marino (Moscow/Russia/) Pier on the Moscow River in District Marino. (Moscow/Russia/)

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Statue of Archangel Michael near the Church of St. Simon and Helena in Minsk  (Minsk/Belаrus/) Pavilion "Turkish Bath", Catherine Park. Tsarskoe Selo, Pushkin. (Sankt-Peterburg/Russia/) Building of the KGB in Minsk (Minsk/Belаrus/) The Trinity Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Minsk (Minsk/Belаrus/)
House of Children’s Creativity "Rainbow." Dimitrov. (Moskovskaya Oblast’/Russia/) The Peter and Paul Cathedral in the  Peter and Paul Fortress. (Sankt-Peterburg/Russia/) Spaso-Vlahernskiy Monastery. Dedenevo, Dmitrovsky rayon. (Moskovskaya Oblast’/Russia/) Ice Palace. Dmitrov. (Moskovskaya Oblast’/Russia/)

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